About Mass Attack


Mass Attack is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization that competes throughout the state of Massachusetts (mostly local) and in select National events. The team is composed of student-athletes from Brockton and the surrounding Boston metropolitan area, and all of its players and coaches are members of the Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), and all of our coaches are certified by AAU in the Positive Alliance Coaching.


Our coaches have a vision to recruit and develop the very best players in Massachusetts by creating a tradition of excellence that is expected across the Nation from all AAU teams.  


We offer both a fall and a spring AAU program:  


The Fall program consists of 1 weekly practice and 4/5 tournaments.  The season begins in early September (tryouts in early August) and ends in early to mid-November.  It is an excellent way to prepare for your upcoming travel season. The cost of the fall AAU is $325, $375 if you currently do not have a uniform.


The Spring program consists of 2 weekly practices and 6/7 local tournaments and 1 National Tournament.  The teams will participate in a National tournament to finish the Spring season. The season begins in early March (tryouts begin in January) and ends in late June.


Mission Statement


Mass Attack's mission is to provide an avenue for basketball players to reach their full potential, promote good sportsmanship, team spirit, and encourage club loyalty while, at the same time, assisting in the maturation of well-rounded young adults.